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Jake Weddle started doing stand up at age 14 in the comedy hot bed of North Carolina. Since getting his feet wet at Goodnights Comedy Club almost a decade ago, Jake has performed in comedy clubs all over the state and in 2019, took his talents to the 20th annual Boston Comedy Festival. Jake is also no stranger to improv, as he was a member of SWISH for 4 years before eventually becoming the captain. For 2 years, Jake was a senior writer, director, performer for MrBeast Youtube and their various side channels.  This Includes multiple appearances on MrBeast, Mrbro, and Beast Reacts, garnering him a niche audience of 30k instagram followers and 25k Youtube Subscribers. 

Other Accomplishments include:

Being a 2 time finalist in NC's funniest 2014 and 2018 

Featured Comic at the Oak city comedy fest 2019 

Featured Comic at the NC comedy fest 2019 

SWISH Improv



Go follow _pcc_ecu to know when your loc

During his time at ECU, Jake was involved with the on campus stand up comedy organization "The People's Comedy Club" (PCC) and ran all on campus open mics. 

Jake Weddle Joined the ECU improv group SWISH his freshman year of college and became the captain his senior year. They would rehears 3 times a week and perform monthly for a college audience 


On top of his multiple appearances on Mrbeast's main channel, and side channels such as Mrbro and Beast Reacts, Jake Weddle's main responsibility at Mrbeast was as a content writer. For 2 years, Jake put his finger prints on every video released in 2019 and 2020. This included Joke writing, Content ideas, story boarding video progression, and content pitching. 



Here are some videos Jake had the pleasure of writing AND directing.  

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