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Working With the Most Top
Performing Clients in the Industry


Kai Cenat
Law By Mike
Karl Jacobs 

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Video Samples of projects I've worked on 

This is just a small fraction of the countless projects I have been apart of, but Just to give you an idea 

Law By Mike

LBM wanted to go from the short form tik tok platform to the long form youtube platform. We collaborated on multiple series centered around comedy, and the LAW! I also loved being able to dive into topical news.  subjects. 

Not only did I serve as head writer and the occasional on camera talent, but I also got to direct a few videos as well. with over 100million views, this video stays with me as a core memory. 



As Interim creative lead, I was tasked with coordinating the return of FGTeeV after a 4 month hiatus. Props, costumes, sets, child actors, this shoot was a doozy! But so much fun. 

Kai Cenat and AMP

From Kai's Sub-athon to AMP's Longform YouTube Channel, Content ideation a breeze when you get to work with such talented performers. 

Most Recently 


I was lucky enough to participate in the VaynerMedia Winter Residency program. As a Creative Resident, I got to hone my skills in digital media advertising and develop a further understanding for building brand on social. This program infused on the job training with courses taught by industry legends to distill decades of social media wisdom into just 3 months. I became an infinitely better content creator Thanks to my time at Vayner. 


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