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Content Creator

Jake Weddle

Hello! My name is Jake Weddle. I'm a writer and a stand up based in Manhattan NY. Hire me for your social media needs! 

So... what do I do? 

I am trying to fill a very unrepresented but soon to be exploding niche in the social media/digital entertainment space. Are you an influencer going through growing pains trying to expand your business? Are you a brand trying to increase your social media presence? Are you looking for some extra creative ideation, fresh video concepts, or someone to provide organization and structure to your creative process? I'm your guy. 



Communication: Media Studies and Theatre Double Major 
East Carolina university. 

Being a double major at ECU was an enriching experience. My studies not only included valuable teachings about the digital media landscape, legacy media, and audience engagement,  I was also able to study various aspects of performance art and story telling. I marry these 2 degrees as my "content creator" curriculum. 

My Formal Resume 

Hopefully my work experience speaks for itself, but if it doesn't, feel free to check out my "work experience" tab to see a more in depth accounting of my professional career and the skills I have accumulated. 

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